1st English Correspondence Championship Final Update

The 2017 1st English Correspondence Championship Final is nearing completion with just 9 games still ongoing and 96 games completed since it started about a year ago on 31/03/2017. I (current ICCF rating 2387) have recently lost the lead to CCM Mark Eldridge (current rating 2401) who has beaten GM John Brookes (current rating 2427). Mark has a final score of 8.5 / 14 (+3, =11, -0), I have a final score of 8 / 14 (+2, =12, -0) with SIM Alan Rawlings (current rating 2367) also on 8 /14 (+2, =12, -0) but I have a slightly higher Sonneborn-Berger-System score than Alan at the moment.

In theory the highest rated player at the start, GM John Brookes, could still win the tournament with 9 / 14 if he wins all his remaining games. CCM David Evans (current rating 2359) could reach 8.5 points if he wins his final game. CCM John Brasier (current rating 2435) could also reach 8.5 if he wins his final two games. LGM Dawn Williamson (current rating 2365) could reach 8 if she wins her final two games.

So there are still various possible scenarios for the final results, which does bring a bit of excitement to the otherwise 83% draw rate! Here is the very hard fought Berlin Defence game that gave CCM Mark Eldridge the lead: –

John Rhodes