2011 Golden Knights Final

This game is the last one that I completed in the 2011 Golden Knights semifinal round. This draw gave me the 4.5 points that I need to advance to the final round. Wayne kept declining my draw requests even though I had a slight positional advantage throughout most of this endgame. I was irritated by that. In an OTB game it makes sense to play out even endgames if your opponent is low on time. In CC chess it is a bit of an insult to play out dead even positions hoping that I will blunder. I am not likely to blunder when I can take three days to look at a move!

In the final round I am the only one out of seven who is not a master. Still, I think that I can pull off an even score in this section and get my USCF CC rating over 2200 points, making me a legitimate chess master for the first time in my 38 year chess career.

In this game Black (me) never castled, which is unusual. I usually castle by move ten. In this game, I chose not to castle in order to break up the tension on the Kingside. I got away with that, but I still doubt if that was my best strategy here. Wayne didn’t castle until move number 21.

Mike Serovey