2015 Colorado Closed Championship and Scholastic Championship

The 2015 Colorado Closed Championship and Scholastic Championship took place the second weekend in April. There were five six-person sections:

  • Championship
  • Challenger
  • Booster
  • Scholastic Championship
  • Scholastic Challenger

The Championship featured three “zombies”, as we in Colorado call strong players who have disappeared from competition for a long period of time: the event winner Lior Lapid (2290), Philipp Ponomarev (2340) and Josh Bloomer (2255).

7-time Colorado Champion Brian D. Wall beat the championship winner, but otherwise got a shellacking, losing three of his five games, including one from a drawn position.

In this position from Wall vs. Bloomer, White should shift his rook back and forth on the rank to keep the Black king out. If the Black rook harries the White king, it should head for the Black g5 pawn, not fearing the capture of the White f2 pawn even if the Black pawn has reached f3: there’s time to get back for a drawn K+R+RP vs K+R ending, since the Black rook will be in front of its own f-pawn and will require a move to vacate the file. Instead, Wall began checks from the side and rear which drove the Black king forcefully to the assistance of its own rook and pawns.

Here’s Wall driven to the wall by Ponomarev. 41 … Rc2! is a piquant move, forcing the White bishop to capture and trapping the White knight.

I’ll have some more games from the Colorado Closed next week.

Jacques Delaguerre