A Bird Brained Idea Leads to a Blunderfest

This is an old game that I played in Lakeland, Florida back in 1994. My opponent was rated about 200 points below me, but caught me off guard with Bird’s Opening. I was able to transpose into a Sicilian Defense and did OK in the opening and part of the middle game, and then we both began to blunder. I played the first 10 moves in about a minute and then I slowed down. By the time that we got to move number 22 I was averaging about a minute a move. I continued to average about a minute a move until I resigned. The time control was Game in 60 minutes with no delay.

At move number 12 I had a slight advantage, but it was still pretty even. On move number 23 I missed an opportunity for an advantage. On move number 27 I missed another opportunity for an advantage. On move number 28 I blundered. On  move number 33 my opponent blundered and missed a winning move. I returned the favor by blundering back instead of playing 33… Qc4!! Although White played some second-best moves, things went downhill for Black after that.

Although I have lost at least three games in Over The Board (OTB) chess to Bird’s Opening, I still call it the bird brain opening. In CC chess I will play Fromm’s Gambit and win.

Mike Serovey