A Five Pawn Attack Against The London System

Here we end our series of games of the London System.

In this game Black does two strategic things – he fianchettoed his queen bishop and also moved his Queen to e8; and as as seen in previous games you normally do one or the other, but perhaps not both.

By move 20 Black has 5 pawns abreast marching into the White Camp. By move 30 the tactics resulting from threats around White’s King forced a wide crack in the White Resistance.

Category 20 is an Elo rating range of 2726–2750; one of the highest rating Category Tournaments.
Between 2009 and 2015 the score of these two giants – 14 games together – is tied at 4 to 4, with 6 draws (according to chessgames.com).

Ed Rosenthal

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