A Good Server For Longer ‘Live’ Games?

Following up my post on whether blitz chess is good or bad I think it’s worth addressing one of the main issues people have with longer games, which is that it’s difficult to get them. But now there also seems to be quite a reasonable solution.

I’ve found that the Chess.com server now has so many members that it’s usually fairly easy to get a longer live game, for example 15 minutes basic with 10 seconds added on per move. At the times I’ve logged on I’ve found as many as 9,000 players online and there have always been at least 5,000.

Now this isn’t a complete substitute for playing real tournaments but I haven’t seen anything better on the internet. With most servers, even the big ones, there’s a serious time delay if you want to play anything apart from blitz. This can make a bit of chess practice very inconvenient, especially for those with jobs, families and a very limited time window for chess practice.