A Loss for The London

As ever, I will be very interested to hear what Nigel thinks of this game when we go through it.

My position was very cramped and I thought I was worse after the advance of White’s b pawn. However, looking at it with HIARCS the engine prefers Black after the gain of the bishop pair on move 4. Though Nigel will not necessarily agree with that assessment!

After the game Gary thought he was better after the exchange of Queens. He thought opening the a-file was good for him. He also criticised 3…Nh5 but I was happy to gain the bishop pair and disrupt White’s pawn structure.

Looking back I’m surprised (and disappointed!) that I felt the need to withdraw my knight to d8 on move 14 rather than starting to free my position with Bd6.

The game finished with a blunder. However, going through a few variations it looks as though Black would be able to free his position eventually and be a little better.

Dan Staples