No Computers For A Year

After reading this post on Kasparov and Deep Blue and our subsequent Facebook discussion, the excellent Alaskan blogger Robert Pearson is conducting an experiment to analyse without computers for a year. In his post Non Computerium he has announced that he will be abandoning both online blitz and the use of computers for analysis. On the other hand he will try to play some longer play games and conduct his own analysis from books.

The playing aspect may prove thorny, especially given Robert’s geographical remoteness. But I predict that the decision to go back to the old fashioned method of analysis could prove highly beneficial for his game. Very few players ever analyse with a set these days, it’s almost all engine assisted. But having recently cut down on engine assistance during the chess lessons I give I can say that it’s highly beneficial to do so. I feel myself getting a lot sharper.

Anyway, I look forward to Robert’s reports on how it’s going.