AICF,AAI cup is held at Delhi, India with the total prize money of 21500 USD approx. All players with an average rating of over 2675 would play double round robin.


·        GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw –2734

·        GM Anoton Korobov – 2702

·        GM Evgeny Alekseev – 2691

·        GM Krishnan Sasikaran – 2676

·        GM Abhijit Gupta – 2662

·        GM Parimarjan Negi – 2641

Summary till Round 5

·                    All players signed piece in the first round.

·                    Grandmaster and Asian champion Parimarjan Negi crashed Krishnan Sasikaran and emerged as Joint leader with Wojtaszek who outclassedEvgeny Alekseev while Anoton Korobov drew with former world junior champion Abhijit Gupta in the round two.

·                    On the third day Korobov Joined Wojtaszek after Sasikarn misplayed promising position against him while Evgeny caught Negi in the opening itself.

·                    In the round 4 Korobov emerged as a sole leader and tighten his chances for championship by defeating top seed RadoslavWojtaszek although Korobov was not happy with his position but a blunder by Radoslav gave him winning chances

After round 5 grandmaster Korobov stayed in sole lead by making a draw with Negi and still 5 games remaining in which he will have 3 games with white piece, become strong candidate for the crown while Evgeny Alekseev becomes his closest competitor by defeating Abhijit Gupta. Sasikaran did not find his first win in this tournament yet and have to satisfy with draw against Wojtaszek.

Korobov played breyer variation in the Ruy lopez against Negi where Negi could not get his king side attacks while Korobov make some progress on other flank so Negi decided play safe. On the other table Gupta came up with an opening surprise by going centre counter gambit which turned to be a boomeranged when he blundered a pawn.

Here is the Korobov game with tournament top seed RadoslavWojtaszek of Round 4.