Amateur Versus Master: Game Sixteen

ICCF International Master Gerhard Vetter Was Unfettered in Winning This Correspondence Chess Game!

My opponent in this correspondence chess game is an IM from Germany. This correspondence chess game was played on the ICCF server and in accordance with their rules, which allow for the use of chess engines. Vetter is a friendly gentleman, but he cut me no slack once I started losing this correspondence chess game!

This correspondence chess game is one of four losses that I have in this section. At the time that I am writing this I am still in fourth place out of thirteen and Vetter is in  clear first place with five wins and five draws. We both have two games remaining in this section.

Although I had difficulty in pinpointing the losing move, I think that 24… Bd4 was it. I could not recover after White’s reply.

Mike Serovey

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About Mike Serovey

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM is a USCF certified local chess tournament director, candidate master in correspondence chess and an avid chess player. Mike won the Under 1600 section of the state of Florida chess championship in 1986, won several Walter Muir sections and is currently ranked in the top 100 correspondence chess players in the USA.