An Unsuitable Sort Of Chess

My son asked to see some of my games this evening but as I showed them to him I realized how totally unsuitable they were! Opening with 1.g3 is not the kind of example you want to set for a nine year old so I quickly pointed out that 1.e4 is better. Even so he might be learning the wrong thing as a parent’s example is far more meaningful than the stuff they tell you but never do themselves.

So I figure I might have to get start playing in a more straightforward sort of way in order to provide a better model, 1.e4 as White and then some classical stuff with Black. Unfortunately this would rather negate some of my trumps as I do seem to score better with Flank Openings.

The other thing that occurs to me is that I desperately need to keep him away from some of the DVDs I recorded for Chessbase, though the ones on the Scotch and the f4 Sicilian might not be too bad.