Anand – Gelfand, Game 12

Game 12 of the World Championship match was brief but quite interesting. After an original opening it looked as if Boris Gelfand was acquiring horrendous pawn weaknesses but he sacrificed one of them to repair the damage and give himself compensation. In the final position Vishwananthan Anand evidently doubted that the pawn would be enough to win in the face of Black’s space and wonderfully coordinated army. So he offered a draw.

So it’s now on to the rapid play play-offs in which Anand is supposed to be the stronger of the two. But Gelfand played remarkably well in such play-offs to reach this match. We’re also looking at considerable randomness because of the very small sample, so basically anything can happen.

Of course if the play-off proves to be an exciting and fun event, why did they bother with the ‘classical chess’?