Another Bird Brained Idea Leads to Another Loss for Black

Although I have lost Over the Board (OTB) games to Bird’s Opening at least three times, I still think that it is a bird brained opening. People often play unusual openings in order to avoid prepared lines from “booked up” opponents. I have experimented with unorthodox openings myself with mixed results. In future articles I will post some of my games in which I chose to play unorthodox openings. For now, I am showing games in which I lost to them.

Here is another one of my losses to Bird’s Opening. As in other losses, I played fairly well in an unfamiliar opening and messed up later on in the game. I made a minor error on move number 11 and another one on move number 13.  I moved my Knight to the wrong square on move number 14 and flat out blundered on move number 15. From move number 16 on I was losing.

Mike Serovey