Another Indian Chess Star : Nihal Sarin

Photo by Asarinus

Let me introduce a new Indian chess star. Nihal Sarin, now an International Master, was born in 2004 and started to play chess once a week in school. He became World U10 champion in 2010 and at recent tournament, the Fagernes International 2017, he scored his first GM norm. He scored 6/9, beating GM Evgeny Postny and was undefeated.

The main reason behind chess becoming so popular in India is Viswanathan Anand whether he is World Champion or not it doesn’t make any difference to us. He is our hero. And of course it helps that the Indian government has taken steps to make chess and other sports popular by providing financial benefits and career opportunities.

Here is Sarin’s game against Postny for you to enjoy!

Ashvin Chauhan