Aravindh Chithambaram, A New Hope For India In Chess

Nowadays in India chess is becoming more and more popular thanks to Vishy Anand. It was a very sad moment for Indian chess lovers when Anand lost to Carlsen, but now there is a new Indian hope in Aravindh (we Indians believe in hope, which is a yey cultural difference compared to the West).

Arvindh was born in November 1999. He got his first Elo rating of 1821 in September 2009 and has since gained more than 550 Elo points within the span of 4 years. He won the 2013 Chennai Grandmaster Open last November by defeating four GMs and an IM, with a performance rating of 2728. Here is his rating chart:

Arvindh Graph

In addition to his hard work there are some other factors which have contributed a lot towards the success of the young Indian star. For example his coach, RB Ramesh, coaches him for free. His school do not charge any tuition fee, ONGC has extended him a scholarship. And above all his mother worked as an insurance agent to run the household after his father died when he was three years old.

He requires some funds to play in European tournament, in order to contribute please visit Indiegogo page.

Here my point is Arvindh was lucky enough to get all necessary aid at the right time, but what about others? I feel that there are so many kids who have exceptional talent for chess or in other sports or activities, but have failed to show their talent to the World because of poverty. And when we talk about the popularity of chess, we have to find some ways to discover those exceptional talents and give them an opportunity to flower.

Ashvin Chauhan