Art Over Elo

It’s been nice to see how entertaining some of the Olympiad games have been which once again provides an argument for staging mixed strength tournaments like we used to do a few decades ago. Having a group of players with high Elo ratings trudge around in a Berlin is NOT entertaining, even if these games are then shown online with expert commentary/computer assessments and every Tom, Dick and Harry commenting on the live feed.

By contrast here’s a great game by English GM Gawain Jones in which he plays a King’s Indian Defence and sacrifices his queen. Garry Kasparov used to do this kind of thing when he was playing and I’m sure that people miss seeing this kind of chess. But the first problem is that Jones is rated just 2635, at least a hundred points lower than he needs for the best tournaments. And his opponent was a lowly 2448.

Nigel Davies

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