Bad Ideas

“Errare humanum est…”

Everyone has their fair share of bad ideas over a chess career. It is as they say part of the human nature. Key is to learn from them instead of persisting down that road because:
“… sed in errare (errore) perseverare diabolicum”
It is interesting how some bad ideas leave a big mark and stay with you for a long time or even forever. If you learn your lesson, a game lost by a bad idea can help you improve more than countless games won. The first game below has haunted me for a long time. It is from the University years, some of the best years in anyone’s life: no worries, courage, lots of bubbling ideas and most of all fun! In all this vortex of action bad and good ideas pour out of your mind while you try to keep up with them. The bad idea this time came all of a sudden and seemed worth exploring: what is the big deal if my fianchettoed bishop gets trapped in the corner? While he gets busy trapping it, I can gain space and initiative on the queenside. This can’t be so bad, can’t it? Let’s see how it went:

This is a game I remember the most when I open the copybook with my games from those years. 15 years from that day having it in the back of my mind came to the rescue in the most unexpected way. I was playing in my first Canadian correspondence chess final; in one of the games I had the opportunity to return the favour on an unsuspected opponent. This time however I got much more than just a bishop.

What can we conclude out of this? Do not be afraid of your ideas! Trust your instinct and go for it no matter what. Yes, some are going to be bad and others good. There is no better teacher than your own experience. The good ideas need to become part of your arsenal. The bad ones need to be analysed, remembered and then also used as part of your own arsenal by simply turning the tables on your opposition. It is simple and still rather counter intuitive. Being afraid to experiment or simply forgetting about them handicaps you, so don’t do that. Go for it and you will be rewarded!

Valer Eugen Demian

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