Beating Younger Players

Although Victor Korchnoi probably hasn’t seen my DVD on beating younger players he does a good job of it in this recent game from Gibralter. In an earlier game between the two Korchnoi had played 5…b5 but lost the game. This time round he omits …b5 and then hits White’s bishop with the manoeuvre 8…Nd7 and 9…Nb6, which simultaneously prepares …f7-f5. When Caruana plays rather passively in reply Black manages to build a powerful king side attack.

Korchnoi is the most amazing example of chess longevity and I loved his remark to me after our game in the Staunton Memorial in London in 2009: “I played the same way against Leonid Stein in 1962 and he was lucky to escape with a draw!” He’s one of the main reasons I intend to play chess my whole life, it seems to be quite good for ones marbles!