Big Ugly Win

I didn’t play particularly well however I was very pleased to do so well against such a strong player. I didn’t understand 6…Bd6 and became nervous about both Black’s bishops being pointed against my Kingside. Nigel explained that my fears were unwarranted and I should have played 7.Nc3 rather than 7. Ne5 (Nigel’s comments below). The game went on and I was no worse. Black wanted to win and sacrificed the exchange with 13…Rxf3.

It certainly unbalanced the position and on another day White’s greater understanding of the resulting positions could easily have won it.  I was wrong to take his rook with my pawn (I was worried about my pawns being weak and losing more of them). I should  have gone for greater activity by taking with the queen and dominating the kingside with Qf7 and then finding a nice home for her on h5. I made more mistakes especially by giving up my bishop for Black’s Knight and inflicting serious dark square weaknesses on myself. (I’m wondering if I’ll ever get the hang of light and dark square weaknesses!). Soon I was no longer better but Black blundered with 26…d3.

Dan Staples