Books And Readers

It’s interesting to see the effect of the same lesson on different students. With some the message just seems to hit home and they get great benefit from it. Others simply don’t get it, at least not the way it is being explained. And this is why it’s important to find a teacher whose ideas resonate with your own thinking.

I think that the same is true of chess books, for some readers the author’s message resonates whereas with others it does not. So if you find someone whose books you like I think it’s worth reading everything they’ve written.

Who are my favorite chess authors? Amongst others I really like Emanuel Lasker, Bent Larsen and Raymond Keene. On the other hand I’ve never really liked the work of top selling authors such as John Nunn and Mark Dvoretsky. They just didn’t resonate with me, though this doesn’t mean that these authors wrote bad books. I’m sure that many people have found them very useful.