Botvinnik’s 100th Birthday Tournament

It’s quite something that people can be celebrating someone’s birthday decades after their death. Mikhail Botvinnik’s 100th was celebrated by a gathering of players who had played against him and proved to be quite a gathering of old stars. Not unexpectedly the evergreen Viktor Korchnoi emerged triumphant, not least because he has continued his chess activities as usual through to his eighth decade. Final scores were as follows:

1. GM Viktor Korchnoi SUI 2553 – 5.0
2-4. GM Lajos Portisch HUN 2523, GM Evgeni Vasiukov RUS 2455 and IM Aleksander Nikitin RUS 2430 – 3.5
5-9. GM Oleg Chernikov RUS 2402, GM Wolfgang Uhlmann GER 2379, GM Borislav Ivkov SRB 2416, GM Igor Zaitsev RUS 2408 and IM Anatoly Bykhovsky RUS 2354 – 2.5
10. GM Mark Taimanov RUS 2386 – 2.0

I imagine that Korchnoi might have derived a certain satisfaction from the following win over Igor Zaitsev, an imaginative tactician who worked for his arch-rival Anatoly Karpov during their World Championship tussles.