British Correspondence Chess Championships 2016-18 Results

The British Correspondence Chess Championships 2016-18 have finally finished with Tony Balshaw the winner. Here are the main results: –

1st IM Anthony Balshaw (WLS) 8.5 / 14 (Winner by Tie Break)

2nd John Brasier (ENG) 8.5 / 14

3rd Brian Thompson (ENG) 8 / 14

It was a very hard fought contest with about 10% of games being decisive and 90% draws ignoring defaulted games. This was the first British Championship event with title qualifications and many players received norms for CCE (Experts) and/or CCM(Masters). My own performance was rather disappointing with 6.5 / 14 including 2 losses and 1 win by default. I have already shown you my loss against the winner, so here is my other loss against the third placed player, Brian Thompson. I think it is vital to learn from your own losses and this game shows my weakness for locked positions and probing for weaknesses which Brian exploited well.

You can see the completed cross table at

The British Championship 2017-19 officially starts on 1st October 2017 which I am pleased to say I have qualified for and will be reporting its progress in the coming months.

John Rhodes