Building Up An Attack

While studying Alekhine, Morphy, Tal or Fischer’s games, you might have spotted the correct attacking continuation but often failed to understand how they reached to the particular position. How do you build up an attack? Well here I am going to give some general aspects which might be helpful to you in practical chess game in order to launch an attack against your opponent.

1. The more force, the more chance
You must have more forces than your opponents on the side where you would like to launch an attack. It is like traditional military rule “you must have big army in order to win the war”. To create force superiority, priority must be given to piece activity, mobility and space.

2. Pawn structure and king position
These are both heavily involved when we talk about building up an attack, and most of us know about it. You are having better chances of wing side attack if the center is closed (castled on the same side). You should open the position when your opponent’s king is in the middle of the board to launch a successful attack. In case of opposite side castling, pawn storms play an important role to weaken king’s shelter.

3. Vision
In business or in chess if you would like to success, you must be visionary. You cannot expand a business without vision or you cannot develop chess games without vision. Now the question is how to develop vision? In chess you can develop your vision with the help pattern reorganization though it is more or less personalized skill. Remember that you must visionary to be creative.

4. Attitude
This is something that nobody can develop for you. You will see so many people who are having similar skills but some are successful whilst others are not. The basic difference is attitude. The greatest chess genius Tal, Fischer and Kasparov were famous for their attitude over the table and off the table.
“I am the best player in the world and I am here to prove it”. This shows the characteristic of Bobby Fischer.
Here, reading good motivational books or reading your heroes’ biography might be useful to you.

You can learn first two points with the help of books written by experts while at last two points, you have to work a lot and only that makes the difference.

Ashvin Chauhan