C-file control – Collateral Complications

I think I played this game okay – 6/10 perhaps. I misplayed the opening somewhat and won with a nice tactic. As ever, Strategically wanting but I live and learn!(?).

I got myself in trouble with 23…Qc7. Nigel said 21..f4 and again 23…f4 would have been the way he would have played it. I did consider the f4 idea but as I couldn’t see a “concrete” advantage I rejected it. A good illustration of how a Grandmaster sees things differently to me.

12…Nb8 is interesting – Nigel is a big fan of backwards Knight moves.

19…fxe4 would also have been an improvement.

Nigel concluded by saying “Messy game, but in a way this was an example of ‘collateral complications’ helping Black control the c-file.”

Dan Staples