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Harrogate 4NCL Congress

I had a tough start in this last weekend’s Harrogate 4NCL Congress with a draw and then two losses against strong opponents. One thing that I’ve talked about a lot with my Dad is to never give in and fight on in the next games, regardless of what has just happened. And I managed it here by winning my last round.

I think I castled a bit early because Black’s attack with …h5 and …h4 was quite dangerous. But I kept calm and eventually got a counterattack along the c-file. The computer says I was never worse:

Sam Davies

Exploiting a Weak Kingside

It can be very dangerous to move pawns in front of your king. In this game, that I played over a year ago, was one in which my opponent moved lots of kingside pawns forward but after 26.Qh5 probably started to regret it:

Sam Davies

Provoking a Weakness

Provoking a weakness is often worthwhile even if it loses a tempo. Here’s a game I played at this year’s Manchester Summer Congress in which my 19.Nc5 looked as if it lost time but when Black drove it back with 19…b6 he could no longer defend the c7 pawn with another pawn.

Black’s position started to deteriorate as the pressure increased and a blunder (23…Ra7) gave me a winning combination.

Sam Davies

My Best Game of 2016

This was my best game of 2016, played against a strong club player and the father of GM Stewart Haslinger. My Dad joked that this was family revenge as he had lost a couple of games against Stewart some years ago!

Sam Davies

My Best Game in the British Rapidplay Championships

This was my best game in the British Rapidplay Championships, U146 section. My opponent played the weird 1.b4 and I countered with a solid London System set up. I got the better endgame, won a pawn, won more pawns and then avoided any tricks at the end:

Sam Davies

A Win In The Birmingham Rapidplay

This was a game I played in the recent Birmingham Rapidplay. I was pleased with how this game went, I managed to control the c-file and with 25.Rc7 got my rook to the important 7th rank. When my rooks got doubled on the 7th (32.Rcc7) Black was already losing a pawn and I went on to polish him off in the technical phase.

Sam Davies