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Capablanca – Hanging Pawns

Here is a great game by Capablanca. The game is below along with a link to a video analysis.

Capablanca plays Black in a Queens Gambit Declined.

Useful advice – when playing against hanging pawns it’s generally a good idea to go for piece exchanges.

15…c4 is an instructive move. The video provides Capablanca’s own thinking behind this move.

Dan Staples

Zurich 1953

Despite recent events in Berlin, the Candidates Tournament in Zurich 1953 is still known as the greatest in history. Fifteen players took part with the format being a double round all-play-all, and ultimately it was Vasily Smyslov who emerged the winner, two points clear of David Bronstein, Paul Keres and Samuel Reshevsky.

Why is this the most famous Candidates Tournament? Largely because of David Bronstein’s book on the event which has become known as one of the best ever written. Bronstein’s insightful remarks give a real insight into the mind of top Grandmasters, from opening to endgame.

Here is a video on the event by the prolific Lucas Anderson:

Nigel Davies

The Soviet School of Chess

Here’s another nice video from Lucas Andersson, this time about the Soviet School of Chess. It’s also worth reading Alexander Kotov’s book with the same title, which showcased Soviet chess talent together with a large dollop of propaganda!

Nigel Davies

Don’t Dissolve the Duo

This was a game in our club championship. Ben looked to avoid theory with 1.a3.

Nigel stopped at 9…Qe7 preferring 9…Re8. He suggested that the Queen can become a target on e7 to Nf5 ideas. Re8 may be better to prepare …Nf8-g6 and whether White plays e3-e4 or d3-d4, Black gets some kind of space gaining wedge. If White does neither he is permanently short of space. Nigel showed an example variation 10.e4 Nf8 11.O-O Ng6 12.g3 d4 13.c5 Bc7 14.Nc4 b5 15.Ncd2 a5 which he said starts to look like a Spanish with colours reversed. Black’s space is on the queenside – see Karpov – Unzicker (below) to know how to treat this position.

Nigel didn’t like 11…e4 – “Dissolving the Duo is a big deal!”. My thinking was solely focused on playing e4. To try and get some sort of attack going. Seeing the Karpov game will hopefully open my thinking to more possibilities.

This is 2 minute video of the Karpov – Unzicker. Karpov’s Ba7 is particularly instructive.

Dan Staples

Lev Polugaevsky : A Hero for Many Hard Workers

To be honest I was not particularly aware of Lev Polugaevsky until I came across his game against Eugene Torre, where he demonstrated his hard-work and creativity.

This is a really inspiring illustration to show that skills can be cultivated with the hard-work and dedication. Nowadays it might be easy to prepare like this with the aid of computers, but this game was played in 1981 when chess programs did not exist. His book Grandmaster Preparation is considered to be the one of the best chess books of all time by many Grandmasters.

Those who can not afford coaching due to financial constraints may find this presentation by GM Alejandro Ramirez very useful. He comments on some of Polugaevsky’s best games including these:

Lev Polugaevsky vs Mikhail Tal, USSR Championship 1969
Yehuda Gruenfeld vs Polgaevsky, Riga Interzonal 1979,
Polugaevsky vs Eugenio Torre, 1981
Polugaevsky vs Boris Gulko, 1975.

Ashvin Chauhan