Chess Blindness and Time Pressure Part Two

In a previous article I posted a game that I played against Mike Hoffer and included his notes about his “chicken bone” thing. In that game I played the Modern Defense. In this game I played the Pirc Defense in order to throw him off a little and avoid his “chicken bone”. This time I got a win.

As before, Mike’s notes are pretty thorough, but this time, I added some of my own. Playing unpredictable moves against an opponent who thinks he knows my play can result in my opponent chewing up quite a bit of clock time. This happened again here.

The majority of the notes are by Mike Hoffer, but I have added some of my own. I am amused by his comments about “typically annoying” moves and how he tells his students not to look at me because you can’t tell what I am going to play while looking at me. That is because I will be looking at one side of the board and suddenly realize that my attack is on the opposite side of the board. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Mike Hoffer, “Naturally, Serovey finds the right response. These guys who have been playing for 30 years can handle the openings they know like Grandmasters. You have to get them in the middlegame or endgame.” and ,”Serovey can be a difficult and annoying player when it comes to trying to predict his moves. It’s a waste of time and distracting to look at his eyes because he does not physically reveal his intentions.” Near the end, Mike makes some observations and recommendations on how to handle extreme time pressure.

Mike Serovey