Chess Games of Gioachino Greco

Studying chess games is perhaps the best way to improve your chess game, and this applies to beginners too. Initially beginners can achieve quick development by practicing tactics. And short games provide the same learning value with the added element that they can apply the same tricks against their friends and possibly register quick wins.

Chernev’s 1000 best Short games of chess is an excellent resource for such miniatures but I personally like Gioachino Greco’s Games.

Beginners love to attack with a single piece, and in particular with the queen. This game illustrates the dark side and also guides you as to how to play against it. It also addresses the beginner’s question as to why 2…Nf6 is a better move than 2…Qf6?

It’s worth searching for other games of Greco against this 2…Qf6 move, which illustrate some other variations.

Ashvin Chauhan