Chess Superminiatures

A club mate of mine, Nick Pelling, has published an interactive ebook called ‘Chess Superminiatures’. Superminiatures are super-short chess games that last under 10 moves. There is a surprising amount that can be learnt from such short games. Furthermore, Nick brings the players and the games to life with his anecdotes and historical insights, as well as commentary on the moves.

A computer programmer by trade, Nick has enabled readers to interact with the ebook, with multiple choice ‘guess the move’ options at key points in each game. Some of the moves are not at all obvious, so this is a really good way of testing your chess skills. Also, he has divided up the games into chapters with themes so you can learn some important lessons along the way and see some instructive games to prove the points.

Over 100 games are arranged into eight themed chapters:-

1. Monkeys With Hammers – Attacking games
2. That’s Gotta Hurt – Moves that were overlooked
3. Greed Isn’t Good – What happens to greedy players
4. Tales of the Unpredicted – Bolts from the blue
5. Tangled Webs – When pieces fail to work together
6. Champs vs Chumps – Tales from Chess’s top table
7. Return To Sender – Correspondence players getting unexpected mail
8. Best of the Best – The very best superminiatures I’ve ever seen!

Within each chapter, the puzzles are arranged in ascending order of difficulty, so every reader should quickly find themselves at an appropriately challenging level of difficulty, whatever their playing strength.

So, there you have it – not only are you introduced to some delightful short games, you also get to train and develop your own board vision at the same time. Chess Superminiatures is available on Amazon for Kindle.

Below is a game from Chapter 3, Greed isn’t Good, notes by Nick Pelling:

Angus James