Computer Analysis Dumps

The other week I worked through the lines of some well regarded chess book with a student and discovered that all the ‘author’s’ moves were those selected by a computer. It became apparent that this is how they fill those 300 or so pages with densely packed analysis, it’s all computer generated! Is this of any use to human beings if they try to study such works?

Of course not! There’s no way that anyone without a photographic memory will be able to recall this stuff, so why do the authors put these things together? The simple answer is that it looks good and has the convincing storyline that these are the ‘best’ opening moves and analysis available.

My view is very much at odds with this. I believe that such ‘works’ are nothing more than computer analysis dumps and worthless because they fail to tap into the way that humans learn, (hanging variations on hooks of understanding and pattern recognition). But this doesn’t stop them being published, well reviewed and sold to anyone who buys into the storyline.