Bryan Castro

bryanprofilepicGreetings Chess friends,

My name is Bryan Castro and I am a father, husband, businessman, writer, and chess enthusiast from Buffalo, New York. Besides chess, I also enjoy practicing the martial arts and playing piano when I am not spending time with my family or working.

My father introduced me to chess. He, like many people of his generation, witnessed Bobby Fischer’s 1972 World Championship match against Boris Spassky. As a young boy, I remember going through Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess and then challenging my father to play. Even though he was very busy, he always took the time to ruthlessly defeat me time and time again. The “lessons” taught me humility and drove my desire to improve – both at chess as well as in life.

Although I don’t consider myself a particular talent as a chess player or a writer, I enjoy writing about how to improve at chess. I consider chess a way to express oneself creatively as well as a means for self-discovery and personal development. Whether you also share a similar view or mainly wish to improve your skills at chess, I hope my articles will help you towards that end. If you enjoy my articles here on Chess Improver, you may also enjoy my articles on my site:

As a conclusion to this brief introduction, I want to share one of my favorite games – the famous 6th game of the 1972 World Chess Championship with some of my notes (culled from various sources as well as my own analysis) to this beautiful game.

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