Charles Galofre

Charles Galofre

Charles Galofre

Charles picked up chess in middle school after his mother bought him what was then Chessmaster 7000. The one and only chess club in town was in an establishment previously owned by his father so needless to say he felt right at home. Locally, he excelled at the scholastic level going on to become Florida’s K-12 Champion and Denker representative. He currently attends College where he plays Board two for one of our country’s top chess teams. His last chess tournament was participating in the US Chess League for the Miami Sharks.

Charles contributed and trained by working together with GM’s Dzindzichashvili, Perelshteyn, Shankland, Khachiyan, and a couple of other titled players for while creating their videos section back in 2009. He was one of the early adopters of mixing chess with video, and today he is trying to be one of the early adopters of using chess together with video and social media, by promoting the game through YouTube, and other channels.

In his off time, he enjoys working on his youtube channel, studying chess, or following some internet marketing trend which might be fashionable, be it mobile marketing, or video search engine optimization. He invites you to contact him for help with chess, and invites you to keep up with him while he builds the best chess channel on youtube by following him at:

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