Michael Koblentz

Michael Koblentz

Michael Koblentz is full-time instructor, tournament director and player. His chequered past includes being an officer of the Berkeley Chess Club, director of chess events in California, Texas and New Jersey, and Director of the Little Silver Chess Club. In 2008, Michael founded the Monmouth Chess School and Club, a very active club in the U.S. sponsoring rated tournaments, scholastic group instruction and private instruction for players of all ages. His students include winners of major scholastic chess events in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Michael has a technology background, with a Ph.D in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he invented optoelectronic instrumentation for three-dimensional computer vision.  He is now retired after many years at Bell Labs, IBM and other hi-tech companies. He lives in Colts Neck, New Jersey, USA with his wife Belle and daughter Lili. Besides chess, Michael enjoys Go, golf, and a wide range of music and movies.

As a player, Dr. Koblentz became a USCF Candidate Master in 1977, won the 1978 UTD Championship (before there were grandmasters attending college!) and had top places in the city championships of Dallas, Omaha and other USCF events. He played top boards  for the Bell Labs Chess Team, is ranked in ChessWorld’s Top 30 as a correspondence player and is the 2012 New Jersey Open Seniors Champion.

Michael has written for Atlantic Chess News and is a frequent annotator on ChessWorld. Drawing on his experience in over the board play, managing chess clubs and teaching, Michael will offer thoughts on scholastic chess, the role of chess in education, machine learning and other topics of interest. His posts appear mainly on Saturdays and occasionally at other times.
Here is one of his favorite games.

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