Coordinating Pieces

If the pieces are working together as a team, they are much stronger than than working as individuals.

In this week’s problem, the White Bishop and Rook work together very well, while the Black King and Queen are stepping on each others toes.

This helps White to draw the game.

How does he do that? It is quite a difficult problem.

The solution to last week’s problem is 1… Rxb1+ 2. Kxb1 Ra1+ 3. Kxa1 Qa5+ 4. Kb1 Qa2+
5. Kc1 Qa2+ 6. Kd2 Qxb2+ 7. Kd3 Qc2+ 8. Kd4 Qc4+ 9. Ke5 Qd5+ 10. Kf6 Qf7+ 11. Ke5 Qf5+ 12. Kd4 c5+ 13. Kc3 Qc2 mate

Steven Carr

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