Coping Without Cleavage

I couldn’t help notice this Daily Mail article which suggest that the new dress code will make chess ‘less sexy than ever’. I guess I’d be wasting my time trying to explain that this isn’t really what the game is about. And whilst I’m on the subject it isn’t about the kind of adrenaline rush one might get from bungee jumping either.

Will this new rule take important weapons away from female players in their battles against the males? Frankly I doubt that it will have any effect whatsoever as the tiny percentage of female players to have attempted such tactics might have been far more distracted by being stared at or having to escape the attentions of hordes of drooling chess nerds. But at least it’s a good reminder about why we should avoid the ‘news’, even in such serious papers such as the Daily Mail.

Here anyway is a nice exploitation of the bishop pair by Akiba Rubinstein, the dark square bishop being particularly strong because of its lack of an opposite number.