Deep Blue Versus Kasparov Revisited

Strange to think that this took place over 14 years ago. I felt at the time that number crunching victory via brute force computing power was of no more a revelation than a Porsche speeding past a human runner. Make no mistake, this was not artificial ‘intelligence’, just a very powerful piece of hardware calculating millions of possibilities. But back then of course we were in the midst of the technology bubble with machines and software to sell and profits to show.

The following clip does rather over dramatize things and is highly ‘selective’ with what it mentions (the fact that computers still struggle with Go would have been a real party pooper, not to mention what tweaking a few chess rules might do to them). And I get the feeling that they would have liked Morgan Freeman as the commentator and the theme to Chariots of Fire as background music, but the budget didn’t spread that far.