Essex Near To Victory In Ward-Higgs Counties and District CC Championship

With just 9 games to finish it is looking increasingly like a victory for Essex in the Ward-Higgs Counties and District Correspondence Chess Championship for 2012/13 in England. Essex have 2 games to finish with 15/18 and their nearest rivals, Hertfordshire, having now been caught by Yorkshire, are now on 12/18 and 12/16 respectively. Warwickshire are also doing well with 11.5/18 and will surely overtake Hertfordshire. Northumberland have 10/18 and could well catch Hertfordshire.

There is no promotion or relegation and the Ward-Higgs is reserved for the 1st Teams of each English county. If you are an English CC player and are not playing in these teams then please contact your county association who will be only too pleased to get you in a team!

The lowest scoring teams so far are Somerset with 4.5/19 and Worcestershire with 3/19. Here is the latest win by Worcestershire’s Board 2 who won both his games: –

John Rhodes