Essex streak ahead in English Counties Correspondence Championship 2012/13 Ward – Higgs Division! Can they be caught?

The top division of the Counties & District Correspondence Chess Championship has almost reached the halfway stage with Essex streaking ahead with a score of 10.5 / 12, followed by Northumberland on 7 / 10, Warwickshire on 7 / 11, Hertfordshire (who I play for) on 6 /10, Yorkshire on 4 / 5, Hampshire on 3.5 / 4, Somerset on 2.5 / 9, Nottinghamshire on 2 / 8, Middlesex on 1.5 / 12 and Worcestershire on 0 / 7.

Of course, there is a long way to go and, on paper, Yorkshire have the strongest team with an average ICCF grade of 2366 and every player being experienced at correspondence play, so I expect them to continue their good percentage start. They also have the highest rated British player, GM Richard Hall, on their top board. Essex have some good over the board players such as Jonathan Rogers and Gary Kenworthy on their team.

Further information and games can be found at for the Ward – Higgs, Sinclair and Butler – Thomas competitions.

Here is one of my games in the Ward – Higgs: –