Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

Saru mo ki kara ochiru (“Even monkeys fall from trees”) – Japanese proverb

After last week’s loss at the Denver Chess Club, I consoled myself by watching FIDE Men’s #31 Ian Nepomniachtchi obtain and lose a terrible position. Take a look at the game after Nepo’s 18 … Rf6, knight astray, progressive leucopenia, and the two mighty White bishops. Even monkeys fall from trees!

Then the weekend had a surprise in store. Four players ahead of me in qualification for the Colorado team in our match with New Mexico unexpectedly declined and I went to Raton, NM to represent our state on board A, where I contributed two drawn rook endings to our team win.

Finally Tuesday night I was back in form with the following win in a rook ending to my first Black 1.e4 e5 game in four years. Black to move …

Jacques Delaguerre


Author: Jacques Delaguerre

Jacques Delaguerre is a Colorado musician and chessplayer.