Everybody Loves Attacks; Someone Has To Talk About Defences

Most of us would like to see the chess games which involves sacrifices (immortal games), bold attacks, heavy tactics and deep calculations. Books are sold with the ‘winning’ tag (winning Strategy, winning tactics etc etc). Even when someone ask us that which is your best game ever played, we show the game which we win with some awesome attacks (iIncluding me!).So I thought this is not fair with the defence and searched for some games where chess legends have played some beautiful defensive games in worst positions.

Games selection was a difficult task for me so I’ve taken those which were selected by experts.

Game 1 : Emanuel Lasker – Aron Nimzowitsch (1914)
The game is given in the chapter entitled Defending Difficult Positions in The Art of The Middle Game. Paul keres considered Lasker among the few masters who can save the a position which is both bad and offers almost no active counter play.

Game 2 : Capablanca – Marshall (1918)
I found this game by searching ‘beautiful defensive chess games’ on Google. In This game Marshall has launched a dangerous attack against Capablanca in Marshall attack line in Spenish game but with beautiful defences; Capablanca managed to win the game even.

Game 3 : Fischer – Petrosian (1958)
The game below is taken from ‘My 60 memorable Games’ by Bobby Fischer. Fischer’s words after move number 23: “My first free breath.” And he managed to draw the game in the end.

Ashvin Chauhan