Everything Looks Like A Nail

It is interesting and useful to look through our games but can be rather uncomfortable too. The moves you decide are good during a game can often seem rather strange in the cold light of day.

In this game my Queen moves at 11, 12 and 13 look like I’m trying to create something out of nothing and are unnecessary and bad. White should have won this but Black produced a clever drawing knight tactic at the death.

My big problem in games is that while I can calculate well I do so too much and too often. Nigel frequently tells me that when you are always calculating ‘everything looks like a nail”. Korchnoi was a great calculator. He worked hard to reel in his tendency to think like a hammer in positions where calculation wasn’t called for – he had a mantra that he would repeat in such positions – “nothing to calculate, nothing to calculate”.

Dan Staples