Fide Women’s Grand Prix, Ankara 2012

The Fide Women’s Grand prix 2011-2012 is a series of six chess tournaments exclusively for women. The winner of the Grand Prix (with most grand prix point) will challenge 2012 women’s world champion.

Overall the Grandprix series has already been won by Hou Yifan while Humpy koneru of India is the winner of the 6th stage of the captioned tournament at Ankara, Turkey. As the current women’s World Champion has already won the Grand Prix series, the second placed player, Humpy Koneru, will become the challanger in the match in 2013.

There were 12 participants Included 7 GM, 4 WGM and an IM with an average strength of 2487 rating. In the tournament round 11 was very crucial as Anna Muzychuk had a chance to get second place by winning her last round against Ruan Lufai but game went to draw while Indian Humpy won her game confidently thereof won the last tournament of the series and become the challenger in 2013.

Here are the both games which decided the challenger.