First British Webserver Team Tournament near to finish.

The First British ICCF Webserver Team Tournament which started on 4th November 2011 officially finishes on 4th March 2013. There are 4 players in each of 22 teams with 7 teams in Division 1, 7 in Division 2 and 8 in Division 3. At least 2 team members must be British, but the rest can come from anywhere. There will be 2 teams promoted and 2 demoted each season with medals for the winners. The idea is to get all levels of player to sample webserver play and be part of a team. Some teams were put together by the organisers, others members of associations or just friends.

Divisions 2 and 3 have already finished with Plastic Bishops scoring 20 points (83%, average grades 1954 ICCF) and Grantham Kings scoring 20.5 (73%, average grades 1882 ICCF) winning respectively. There are 5 games still in progress in Division 1 and the leading teams are Pawn Stars with 15.5 points (73%, average grades 2407 ICCF) with 3 games to finish and ICCF Warriors with 14.5 points (65%, average grades 2427 ICCF) with 2 games to finish.

I am pleased to say that I have been fortunate enough to be part of the leading team in Division 1, although I cannot say that I have contributed greatly to their current score, including the choice of name(!?), as my only win was when my opponent blundered! Of course, we are hoping that we might have a chance of winning, we will have to wait and see!

My team consists of SIM Dr Michael Millstone (USA) on Board 1, myself (ENG) on Board 2, SIM Gino Figlio (PER) on Board 3 and Austin Lockwood (ENG, Captain) on Board 4. ICCF Warriors consists of GM Mark Noble (NZL) on Board 1, SIM Ian Pheby (ENG) on Board 2, IM Dr Uwe Staroske (GER) on Board 3 and Andrew Dearnley (ENG) on Board 4.

Up to date scores and games can be found from these links: –

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Here is one of Austin’s games: –