Franklin Chen

Franklin Chen

Franklin Chen

Franklin Chen is a member of the Pittsburgh Chess Club in Pennsylvania, USA and a USCF-rated Expert. He began playing in chess tournaments at age 10 when his father started playing in them himself. Young Franklin retired after a couple of years, taking two decades off from chess, but returned to chess as an adult in his late 30s in order to continue improving where he left off, and finally achieved a 2100+ USCF rating while winning his first adult chess tournaments, including the 2006 PA State Game/29 and Action Chess Championships.

Franklin is dedicated to improving at everything he does, and is fascinated by the practical psychology and philosophy of human competition and personal self-mastery. In chess, he particularly enjoys the nature of the transition from opening to middlegame. He has a blog about software development (Conscientious Programmer) and a personal blog where he writes about everything else, including his recent journey as an adult improver in playing musical instruments.

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