Going Through Games

A question came up a couple of times yesterday: How quickly should someone should go through games?

I actually think the question should be changed as the speed is less relevant than the ATTENTION which is summoned from the mind whilst going through them. So trying to find improvements or errors requires a great deal of attention, replaying them with the right hand arrow button on a database program needs very little.

So to increase the attention you bring to this activity it’s a good idea to print games out from the database and then play through them with a board and pieces. And make that a nice chess set because once again that will increase the level of your attention. It will clearly also help to avoid external distractions, so find a time when you won’t be disturbed and can therefore focus.

Returning to the question of ‘speed’, what speed is most likely to promote such levels of attention? Well start really slow so that you can ask lots of questions and then gradually increase the pace over time.