Hertfordshire Chasing Leaders in the Counties and District CC Championships

I am very pleased to report that my team, Hertfordshire, are now only two points behind leaders Essex in the Counties & District CC Championship for 2012/13. Current scores stand at Essex 13/15 (86%) and Hertfordshire 11/16 (68%). Obviously, there are still games in progress, but the only other team with a higher percentage score is currently Yorkshire with 9.5/13 (73%) who I originally tipped to do well. Other teams with a close score are Hampshire 9.5/14 (67%); Warwickshire 9/15 (60%) and Northumberland 9/15 (60%) so there is much to play for in the last few games!

The encouraging trend in this tournament is the number of strong over-the-board players that have been attracted to webserver chess, something that postal chess never really achieved!

Here is our latest win by Arthur Reed on Board 10. The game was lost on time, but the result is never in doubt: –

John Rhodes