How to Analyse Chess Games

We all know that analyzing our chess game is very important for making progress. But how exactly should this be done?

1. Analysing Other Peoples’ Games: Do this just with a board, pieces, pen and paper. Of course you can use chess programs but I am a bit old fashioned about this. When you physically move pieces on the board rather than a computer screen you work much more effectively; this can’t be explained, you need to try it! Go through the games, write down your thoughts and compare it with notes anyone else made on the same game. Making your own notes is hugely preferable to just reading the notes of others because you become actively involved. If you don’t have books than you can search for the same game on YouTube & the web.

2. Analysing Your Own Games: This is the most crucial and a hard task to do well. In this case you already know your thoughts and ideas behind the moves or plans, so the question is where you might get a second opinion. The best is to go through the games with your coach or a player who is stronger than you or at least equal to you. And believe me; you will definitely learn a lot. But not everyone is so lucky to have a chess coach or a good or a strong chess friend. So here I am going to tell you the most reasonable & effective way to analyse your own game.

A) Tactical Analysis: This is something you get easily on where you can import any game in PGN format and it gives you ready made analysis. In this case you are supposed to focus on mistakes and blunders rather than any inaccuracies.

B) Member Clinic: This is available to full members, all you need to do is to send the games to Nigel and He will analyse few selected games.

C) Ask someone to analyse your game on YouTube: There are many good you-tubers who are ready to analyse your games and publish them on YouTube.

Do you have any better idea? Do let me know!

Ashvin Chauhan