How To Raise A Chess Champion

This video is well worth watching and I agree with many of the sentiments expressed. Of course the word ‘Champion’ is confusing because not everyone can be the best. But kids who like chess, either playing or just solving chess problems, can get a lot out of their involvement with the game.

I mention chess problems because they are an excellent form of brain training which does not involve the stress of competition. Not every child is cut out for playing in tournaments and I’m particularly saddened to see kids railroaded into writing down their moves and playing with clocks long before they’re ready for it. They can also be lacking in any kind of chess skill when fighting it out for ‘junior prizes’.

A couple of years ago I taught my own son to play because of the rich environment chess provides for personal development. The brain training may be the best part of it and tournaments provide an opportunity to learn how to operate within a cut throat and stressful environment. It can also be a huge confidence booster if you win, but there can only be one Champion per tournament from amongst the many who are taking part. And that’s well worth remembering.