Jones Wins The Play Off

As I thought might happen, Gawain Jones won the British Championship play off against Stephen Gordon. Although Gordon has the more cultivated style, Jones’s very quick sight of the board is going to carry more weight at the quicker stuff, and especially with so much nervous tension. In the first game Gordon won his opponent’s queen but ultimately lost the game as time ran out.

I think that Gordon made a mistake in not playing all out in his last round game against Hawkins, which probably offered around a 40% chance of taking the title outright. Admittedly it’s an understandable one with things like prize money to consider. But becoming British Champion carries a lot of value, even when many of the best players are missing.

I hope that Gordon gets a chance to win the title at some time in the future. But these opportunities can be fleeting, and new players come through all the time.

Here are the games: