Kids’ Learning Patterns

Last Saturday, I was bored when the kids I was teaching were doing their class work. I had very little role in that, but I did take the opportunity to watch what they were doing and saw that some of kids were solving the puzzles by doing self questioning, some of them doing it with the aid of physical movements whilst others were doing it standing if they didn’t like to sit.

Normally coaches will ask them to sit properly, do it in an appropriate way, not use their hands etc.. But this was not the first time I had observed these kinds of patterns while teaching kids, so it led me to dig deeper into their learning patterns.

After searching and reading some nice articles I came to know that kids learn in styles which are as below:

1. Visual Leaner
2. Kinaesthetic Leaner
3. Auditory Leaner
4. Logical Learner

If you are interested, here is the article.

Now how do we, as coaches, use this information while teaching kids? Well I have derived few points which are relative rather than absolute:

1. Think twice before changing kids’ habits, for example some kids processes the knowledge through physical sensations and they are not able to sit for long (I can’t sit properly during my chess game). If you advise them to sit properly that can actually reduce their learning efficiency, so it is necessary to first classify their patterns and then use our routine stereotype instructions…

2. Combine different techniques and resources while teaching kids. You can’t use the same teaching methods for everyone. Be innovative.

3. Use puzzles other than chess which suit their style of learning, for example mathematical or logical puzzles.

4. Give freedom to your students.

5. Try to find or understand their logic behind even a nonsense question. You will get something more.

All these points are idiosyncratic in nature and you can add on them or modify them depending upon your and your students’ style.

Ashvin Chauhan